Sewing/Key Table - The Transformation Process

Cotton Creates offers a bespoke service and this post gives an insight into how this happens.

This particular item hasn't undergone the full Cotton Creates Transformation Process, because it is infact going to reside in my home, and therefore, the first couple of stages have been omitted (one would hope I know what im looking for!)

Source a small table that could be used as a key table in my home.  Luckily I was home in Sheffield for Christmas which is a haven for antique goods, definitely preferable to the over-scoured London town.

And here is the pretty little item I found.
A Victorian sewing table, perfect to turn into a key table.  As you can see, it still contained the original interior, however it was in very poor condition so sadly needed to be removed.


A chisel, hammer and file later and this was it's current state.

As you can see, the interior lining was well and truly stuck down with
copious resin.Which, so my dad informs me, back in the day would have been made from melted down horse hooves and bones.  i discovered that the table had a number of scuff marks, at which point my mum disappeared off into the kitchen and appeared with this bottle of Topps stainer and polish, from the depths of the cupboard with a price sticker of 19p on it....


Then, fabric, ribbon, glue and staples later here is the finished item.  Ready for it's new home.


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