At Cotton Creates, we embrace sustainability as one of our core pillars. 

Our goal is to create ethically sourced fashion garments that are designed and made to last and reduce waste.

All the fabrics for our sweatshirts have been carefully sourced and selected to meet our our high standards and ensuring we don’t compromise on quality.  We only work with suppliers that are members of Sedex  -  - and only use WRAP certified factories. WRAP is a non-profit organisation made up of global social compliance experts who are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world.  Having a responsible and transparent supply chain ensures that we can continue to promote and sustain safe working conditions and fair labour practices and not just meet environmental standards. To gain WRAP certification a facility must comply with WRAP's 12 principles which include prohibition of Child & Forced labour, limits on the hours of work and monitoring of the work environment to ensure health & safety rules are adhered to

Most of our sweatshirts are unique and on-demand or otherwise pre-made as one off designs which enables us to limit the quantities of stock we need and hold on the premises at any given time and to only buy what we need and use and it ensures that we are not left with any unsold garments which inevitably are waste. 

Our sweatshirt motifs are crafted and packed to order in London, UK

We don’t use any plastic in our packaging, our items are posted in brown paper envelopes which are 100% compostable and recyclable