Midnight Blue Chest of Drawers Transformation February 23 2014

This item was a slightly more tricky number than normal. I collected it from a lady residing near Brick Lane who was uncluttering her house.  It was, of course pretty filthy as standard, however, it also needed a lot more attention that I had anticipated.  You can see on the photo that one side is quite badly damaged, so I needed to rebuild this section before commencing with the decoration....

Welcome to 1920's Style Upcycled Lamp February 07 2014

My task was to create a stylish and elegant ornamental lampshade from a disregarded plain version using a colour scheme of green and purple.Often the tricky part of a commission is finding a suitable base unit, however I managed to locate a perfect one in an antiques shop in Sheffield. The lampshade was fabric and in good condition (a necessary requirement!), and attached to a solid white marble base.  A...

I Can Now Fix (some) of My Bike February 03 2014

I love a bit of DIY, but the main challenge is having the know-how in the first place.  And yes, of course there is tried and tested method of 'trial and error', but that error bit can be a bit frustrating and not to mention time consuming.So, on a slightly different but related note, I'm a member of Economy of Hours (ECHO) which is a skills swap site in East...

Cybersalon: Cyborg’s New Clothes – Wearable Computing, Interactive Fashion - Review January 31 2014

Cybersalon's The Cyborg’s New Clothes– Wearable Computing, Interactive Fashion and Skin 2.0 held at DigitasLBi offices.Described as a 'special feature on wearables and interactive fashion beyond celebratory reviews of the latest gadget bling'.This was quite possibly the most bizarre evening of presenters ive ever attended - from the sublime eccentric, to the damned right brilliant to the 'What The ?'It got off to a slightly chaotic start, whilst the Chair, Stefan Lutschinger (game...

Sewing/Key Table - The Transformation Process January 02 2014

Cotton Creates offers a bespoke service and this post gives an insight into how this happens.This particular item hasn't undergone the full Cotton Creates Transformation Process, because it is infact going to reside in my home, and therefore, the first couple of stages have been omitted (one would hope I know what im looking for!)PlanSource a small table that could be used as a key table in my home.  Luckily I...

My First Foray as a Start-Up into The World of Networking December 27 2013

Oh networking, the lovely world of networking. Some people’s passion many people’s nightmare. For me, it is most definitely, the latter.But, as every entrepreneur, coach and mentor tells me it is a necessity when trying to build a business. Especially when you’re a start-up like me.  I went all out there and attended four events in two weeks!So, I made EventBrite my friend and as a result discovered a

The Emerald Lady of the Night December 26 2013

My products are not just vintage inspired furniture.  They are lavish pieces of art with the eccentric personalities to match. The Emerald Lady of the Night can be found here:

First Post December 26 2013

This is your store’s blog. You can use it to talk about new product launches, experiences, tips or other news you want your customers to read about. You can check out Shopify’s ecommerce blog for inspiration and advice for your own store and for your store’s blog. How do I remove this post? Log in to your store’s admin area then go to the blog section to delete this post....

New Post May 22 2013

Art in a tree. Clerkenwell Design Week #cwdw

New Post May 22 2013

Illuminaires. Clerkenwell Design Week #cwdw

New Post May 22 2013

St. John’s Tiles. Clerkenwell Design Week #cwdw

New Post April 28 2013

Engineering Temporality. Wrapping wooden furniture in metal rings then burning away the wood 2013 #furniture #designmuseum

New Post April 28 2013

Recycled high-density polyethylene chair 1996

2013 Catwalk Influences January 25 2013

Cotton Creates is loving some of the styles gracing the 2013 catwalks such as this brightly coloured ensemble from Peter Pilotto, below on the left, Alexander McQueen on the right and Versace at the bottomNew Cotton Creates products coming soon representing these styles.  See the various influencing mood boards on Hazel Cotton’s Pinterest, the artist behind the brand

Melbourne Observations January 06 2013

Cotton Creates is in holiday in Melbourne, and here are some of my initial observations of the city whilst I take a break from fabric.There are a lot of rules in Melbourne Everyone appears to abide by the rules, possibly because the enforcers enforce the rules with vigour which I guess indicates that enforcement and punishment deters rule breaking. I’m not sure how I feel about this militancy, but I suppose...

Maybe Day 4 will meet my expectations November 14 2012

A four day entrepreneur conference boasting ‘the biggest business and entrepreneurial event of 2012’.  Ive seen the list of speakers and it looks impressive.  Well with a couple annual leave days left to use up before Christmas what could I possiblly have to lose?No agenda had been provided prior to the first day, but hey that’s not unusual, it will be provided upon registration.  Surely?So I arrive bright and early...

Creating November 10 2012

After many frustrating months my website is finally finished, well as much as it’s going to be anytime soon.  Ive heard many people say that launching a website is easy peasy, especially when you use WordPress.  But I vehemently disagree!  This is not, I think because I am more mentally challenged than your average person (heaven forbid!) but because this ideological view is based upon the assumption that the...

New Post July 02 2012

i wasnt allowed to take him home 'let them eat cake' the personalised touch my mum probaly had one of these Anyone for cheese? Vintage Glastonbury Wedding of the YearI had the pleasure of attending my good friends’ Stu and Lou’s wedding in Sheffield on Saturday and it wasn’t just any old wedding.  Being avid visitors of Glastonbury and taking advantage of it’s year off, they opted to celebrate their...

New Post July 02 2012

preparing the wood i kept away from that machine tyre cutting is heavy work! skate rink venue Furniture JamLast weekend, Cottoncreates took part in an ethical furniture workshop.  It was run by Electric Pedals on behalf of the London Festival of Architecture and the aim was to create ethical seating solutions from discarded stuff like old furniture, motor and bike parts, wood, metal.   Upcycling in it’s element. The seats were to...
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